Based in El Paso, Texas, Sprezzatura is a quartet which focuses on the performance and promotion of early music. Simply put, early music is generally pre-Classical era music: any music from the Medieval (c.500-c.1400), Renaissance (c.1400-c.1600), and Baroque (c.1600-c.1750) eras. We focus mostly on the music of the Renaissance and early Baroque because we enjoy the creative freedom it allows in terms of varying instrumentation, ornamentation and improvisation. We serve as an outreach group for the Rio Grande Chapter of The American Recorder Society, whose mission is to promote education, performance and appreciation of the recorder as an instrument for professional, amateur and student musicians. We consider ourselves to be music educators, and are therefore passionate about sharing our knowledge of this music with our audiences. Most of our public performances include plenty of explanations and discussions about the instruments we play, the composers whose works we perform, the compositions themselves, and life during the Renaissance. We are available for a variety of events, such as: educational performances for world history and/or music appreciation classes, Renaissance/art fairs, weddings, and so on. Our members are also available for individual private lessons or group coaching on both historical and modern instruments.